Stay in The Game...Take Your Shot(s)

Let's be honest, life can and has been a little crazy over the last several months. I mean, who would have thought we would STILL be in the middle of a pandemic, let alone dealing with about a million other social and financial crises all across the globe. It never seems to slow down and appears to get more complicated every day. In the midst of all the distractions we can sometimes lose our sense of purpose. And again, let's be honest with ourselves here, if at any time we lost our sense of purpose over the last year, no one could blame you. Because this was not like anything else we have ever dealt with before and probably will never have to deal with again in our life time.

At times like this it's all too easy to go into shutdown mode. And you are allowed that. In fact, it may have been necessary at some point. BUT YOU CANNOT STAY THERE. There are times when it feels like the day is attacking us, instead of us attacking the day. Then instead of fighting back, we retreat and begin to unplug. We pull ourselves out of the game and become spectators of our own lives. All around us people seem to be winning at life. We admire and envy their success while growing more tired and frustrated with our own situations, never realizing a simple truth...You can't score if you don't shoot, but life can't pass you the ball if you're not in the game.

Stay in The Game...Take Your Shot)s)

So how do we overcome the impulse to withdraw? 1. Stay Engaged: Remember that disengaging is never the answer. Not for you or for the people who are watching you. Yes someone is always watching you. For us it's our kids. They watch every move we make and want to be just like us. They are only 3 and 7 but their eyes probably count just as much, if not more, than our peers. Everything we do or don't do it teaching them a lesson. We have to intentionally pass on the mindset of a CHAMPION and not the excuses of a quitter. 2. Live With Purpose: Learn to live your life with Intention. Grow and build relationships that matter. Relationships have been so far more important in the past year and in the upcoming months as we have all had to rely more on each other for success. So find someone or something to pour into. Give without the expectation of a gain, but understand that more often than not, you will get more back in return. There are people who need what you have to offer, even if you haven't created it yet. 3. Remember What's Really Important: So many times we focus on the now. Don't misunderstand that now is important. But will it be important a week from now, a month or even a year? We carry bad moments around with us for years. Don't allow meaningless moments to affect your attitude and block your blessings.

All in all, you must stay in the game. Sometimes you are the player, and sometimes you are the coach. Whichever role you play, stay vigilant, stay ready, and most importantly, stay in the game.

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up".
- Babe Ruth

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