Are You Teachable?

We've all heard or have even said the phrase; you don't know, what you don't know. Last week we met with a gentleman who was just getting started in the Event Rental Industry. Throughout a hour long conversation, he must have said "you don't know what you don't know" at least half-a-dozen times. It felt like he was expressing his newness in the industry, but also his willingness to figure it out.

Now we all have things we don't know. But it's not about what you don't know, instead its about what you're willing to learn. You have to be teachable. Teachable is your ability to learn and your willingness to change. Being teachable is how growth happens. We must be open to learning what we don't know and changing what doesn't work. For a long time, I struggled with being teachable. My focus was on being right, not being better. Being open to learn, is a way to be better. One reason people struggle to be teachable is that they think they know everything already. The minute you think you know everything, is the minute you become unteachable.

Be teachable; that's the whole secret. - Vernon Howard

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