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Inspiring ideas and sharing resources to help you find your "A-HA" moment and live your best life.


Here's the deal...we are not and have never been that cutesy couple you see on Instagram. But one thing we can say we is that we are down to earth people who believe that better is out there and everyone is entitled to it. We are parents of two wild, smart and funny kids who ride this leadership and growth adventure WITH us. 

We are entrepreneurs. We are leaders. We are speakers. We are here to help people get out of their own way BUT only if they are willing to listen. 

We aren't for everyone, but we are for those ready to move forward, to grow, and to be better and live an abundant life. 

We are Shannel and Anwar Aiken. One of us gets up at 4am to go workout and the other survives on coffee...we'll let you all figure out who is who :)  One of us is military trained, operationally efficient, and a true student of leadership, the other of us is a creative free spirit and with years of small business success and growth (again, we'll let you figure out who is who) 

Together, we are Anwar and Shannel and we are Lead YOUniversity. 


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If you are  ready to take things  a step further in your small business or personal development, we have you covered. 

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